Dear St. Philip’s Family,

I was recently reminded by our beloved Bishop of the existence of an important resource book for the Church. It’s the sort of book a priest forgets is there unless he or she uses it regularly.

It’s called The Book of Occasional Services. And in it are numerous options for various seasons, events and pastoral services. It reminds me that we are not limited to being the Church on Sundays and high, holy days. It reminds me that God cares about all aspects of our lives together.

For instance, did you know there are rites for the blessing of a home, the blessing of a pregnancy, the renewal of marriage vows, public services for healing, for agriculture and for the restoration of things (in the church or elsewhere) that have been profaned?

In addition to being available to visit you when you are ill or when you need a confessor, I am happy to discuss any rite of the Church with you – from the Prayer Book OR the Book of Occasional Services. Just let me know or contact the church office.

Your friend,

Fr. Jim