I remember being challenged by a colleague to pray with specificity for St. Philip’s. She suggested fearless, specific prayer for various needs and concerns. I just found my list composed shortly after that conversation. Some prayer requests have wonderfully been answered in the affirmative. Others are obviously on their way and coming to fruition. Some have yet to be answered and on a few, we have heard God say, “No” or “Not yet”. But look at a few of these from a couple years ago and tell me God isn’t at work in our family!

  • That God would bring a deacon to St. Philip’s who is a perfect fit for our congregation. (What can I say? Deacon Dan is the man!)
  • That God would provide our parish with a gifted and wise treasurer. (Bob Duer does a fabulous job!)
  • That one of our newer members – Christine Wood – would jump into the life of the parish. (Did she ever! Christine has joined the choir, been confirmed, become a vestry member, collected clothing items for the needy and is ready to play guitar for us. Christine, you rock!)
  • That God would lead 10 new people to become members or regular attenders in 2018. (How about 19 instead?)

   We have seen people healed of diseases and illnesses. We have welcomed back old friends. Our spiritual lives are deeper and richer. Parishioners and other people in need are being helped and loved and cared for. All the glory goes to God because “every good and perfect gift comes down from above” (James 1:17). Give thanks with me. Rejoice with me. And keep praying. Wait ‘til you see my 2019 list of prayer requests for St. Philip’s! As an old friend once said, “Lord, if I had known you were this generous when I asked you to fill my cup…I’d have come running with barrels instead.”

Your friend,

Fr. Jim