April already! For those of us who’ve been longing for Spring, it’s taken too long to arrive. As we begin to see things grow again, be reminded of the TLC given to growing things by the members of St. Philip’s Green Thumbs group. They plant, feed, prune and carefully nurture the beauty entrusted to them by its Creator.

I would challenge every one of us to follow their example in our daily walk with Jesus. One of the best ways to tenderly care for your spiritual life is to pray the Daily Office. Everyone should have his or her own copy of the Book of Common Prayer. If you need help learning to use it, please see me or Rev. Dan. I needed someone to show me how once so there’s no shame in asking for help in tending the most important part of your life! It would be our honor.

If you’re an internet person, I recommend visiting www.missionstclare.com. Each prayer office is laid out there, more or less in order. They even supply the lessons and, when called for, biographies of particular saints who may be honored on a given day. As our parish grows numerically, let’s make sure we each grow spiritually by means of regular prayer and the study of Scripture.

Your friend on the journey,
Fr. Jim